Sales Tax Information

Customers Paying By Check

Angels & Entrepreneurs LLC is registered in the states listed below and is therefore required to collect sales tax on items sold to customers in these states, to the extent the items are taxable. Whether or not an item is taxable depends upon the laws in effect in the state.

NDNorth Dakota

Sales tax is generally calculated on the total selling price of each item. Depending upon the state’s tax laws, the total selling price of the item may include shipping and handling charges.

Although tax is not required to be collected in states where Angels & Entrepreneurs is not registered, this does not necessarily mean the transaction is not subject to sales tax. Purchases may be subject to use tax which must be remitted directly to the state by the customer purchasing the item. Purchases are not exempt from sales tax solely because they are purchased on the Internet, by catalog or by other remote means.

Please contact the tax authorities in your state for additional information about your responsibilities for remitting use tax. Links to all the states’ tax administrative agencies can be found at

Please note that the amount of estimated tax appearing on an order may differ from the sales taxes ultimately charged at the time of credit card authorization.

A sales tax rate calculator can accessed from You should use the Use Tax rate when calculating the tax to include on your order payment.

If you are unsure if the product you are purchasing is taxable, please contact Customer Service at 1-866-310-1498 and specify you are ordering by check and need to determine tax. A qualified Angels & Entrepreneurs Customer Service agent is available to quickly and easily assist.

Once you have determined the correct tax associated with your order follow the instructions and mail the order form and check to the associated Angels & Entrepreneurs address.

VAT Information

Angels & Entrepreneurs is registered in the European Union (“EU”) and is therefore required to charge VAT on digital items sold to customers in the EU. VAT Rates in effect in the 28 member states are provided below. Note that the percentages below in parentheses (%) are reduced rates applicable to digital e-books and other digital publications. If you are paying by check, please include VAT.

CYPRUS19%MALTA18% (5%)
HUNGARY27% (5%)SWEDEN25% (6%)


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